"After I lose weight...."

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Clutter myth: “After I lose weight, I’ll wear these clothes again.” The weight battle is a common cause of stress and clutter. An overflowing closet filled with a combination of clothing that fits and clothing that doesn't fit can cause major overwhelm!

Many of my female clients have either gained or lost weight in the past six months to a year, and they feel the need to hold onto the clothing that no longer fits them. Intellectually, they understand that keeping two separate wardrobes - the one that currently fits and the one that doesn’t - means they’ve got twice as many clothes in their closet as they need. And by keeping all of those clothes that don’t fit, they’re adding to the frustration and stress of an overflowing closet.

If a client loses a bunch of weight, she’ll likely want to buy a new pair of jeans to celebrate, not dust off the pair she bought seven years ago. Plus, her clothing may be out of style by the time she’s able to fit into it!

Have a wonderful day, my friends. Here's to letting go of clothing that doesn't serve you!

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