"Daisy-ed" and confused

Live With Less - let go of clutter

One of my clients loves daisies. And once her family and friends discovered that she loves daisies, they started giving her gifts with daisies on them. As we sorted through her stuff in her guest bedroom closet, we found a plethora of daisy-themed items hiding amid the clutter - everything from daisy earrings to daisy mittens and daisy towels.

Jane confessed that even though she loves daisies, most of these items were gifts that she didn’t particularly like, but felt the need to keep because they were gifts. Instead of loving the sentiment behind the gifts, she resented the fact that she had to keep these items, especially since they were adding to her stress and her clutter.

The truth is that you can love someone and appreciate the sentiment behind a gift, but not need to keep a gift from that person. It’s okay to pass an item along to someone who will appreciate it more. I never make a client get rid of anything, the decision is always theirs. I just support them through the decision-making process and help them to see other perspectives.

Once my client was able to shift her perspective, she kept a few of the daisy-themed items and decided to donate the rest. After doing so, she expressed relief at being able to let go, and she told me she felt lighter and freer as a result!

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