"I might need this someday."

Live With Less - no more overwhelm

“I might need this someday.” I hear this sentence at least once nearly every day. As I work with a client to help them regain control of their space, sometimes I need to remind them why they hired me in the first place. They are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the amount of clutter in their home and they need help. My job is to help them sort through the stuff to figure out what they want and need in their life, and to help them let go of those items that no longer serve them.

Sometimes setting up parameters is helpful, such as asking them how many is a reasonable amount of, let’s say coffee cups. Once they choose a number that feels comfortable to them, they keep that number of coffee cups, and if they purchase a new one or bring another one into the house, they commit to themselves to follow the one-in, one-out rule.

Sometimes I ask them, “How hard would it be to replace this?" or "How likely is it that you might need this?” If you haven’t used it in five years and it costs less than $100 (or $50 or $20) to replace, I ask the client to consider giving themselves the gift of space. It's one of the best gifts ever.

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