Able to breathe again

Live With Less breathe get organized

My client and her husband bought their home 14 years ago. They had planned to paint the walls and install hardwood floors soon after moving in, but 14 years later their plans are still on hold because she felt their home is so disorganized. 

When I met her for the consultation, she told me they had tried and failed many times to create order in their home. If she doesn’t get organized, she said she feels as though she’ll suffocate. When she gets organized, she’ll feel like she can breathe again. 

Those are powerful words, my friends. Being disorganized is “suffocating” her, and getting organized will help her “breathe” again.

We also talked about her goals for her home, took a tour of the space, and scheduled our first session together. As I left her home, she thanked me for giving her hope and told me how excited she was to get started with me.

This is why I do what I do. I love walking on this journey with each of my clients while helping to inspire and empower them in the process.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed and suffocated, please contact me - I can help.

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