The fog has lifted

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In the span of three years, my client lost both of her parents and her husband. It’s now been five years and she feels like the mental fog has finally lifted, and she needs someone to help her get her house organized so she can put it on the market. 

Yesterday, when we met for my complimentary consultation, she told me she’s tired of not doing anything about getting organized, and she needs someone who isn’t a family member to help her sort through the stuff. 

She told me it will be freeing to donate items to a good cause because she wants to simplify her life and doesn’t want to complicate her life with things. I told her I would support her wholeheartedly as we work toward that goal. I’m so excited to help her through the process!

If you need a neutral party to assist you with getting organized, please reach out. I’d love to help!

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