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Live With Less organizing books

One of my earliest childhood memories is visiting the library with my mom. As an avid reader, my mom passed down her love of books and reading to me. Not only was my first “real” job at the Lyon County Public Library in Marshall, MN (because working for my dad on his farm from about age seven doesn’t necessarily count as a real job), but I also worked at the Briggs Library at South Dakota State University during my college years, at the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library in their adult literacy program for five years, AND I once considered getting my master’s degree in library science. I’m telling y’all, this girl loves books.

However, living in a small space doesn't allow for a ton of books, so I’ve had to be extremely diligent about the number of books I own. This is not easy, peeps!

So here’s what I’ve done in order to get my book fix. I go back to my roots and I visit my local library, a place dedicated to books and organization. It’s the next best thing to a home library!

For those of you who love your books, but don’t have the space for them, consider donating some of your books to your local library and visiting the library instead of holding onto more than your space can handle. Your tax dollars are already paying for the library, so you may as well take advantage!

P.S. Libraries rock!

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