That unsettled feeling

Live With Less declutter, simplify, purge

One of my clients moved into a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom condo four months ago, and the guest bedroom served as a storage room for all of the boxes she hasn’t yet unpacked. Frustrated and frozen as to how to proceed, she hired me.

Together, we systematically worked through each room of the condo, figuring out what she needed and used versus what she wanted to donate. Once we had established exactly what would stay in the condo, we strategized zones for each of the spaces and utilized her existing furniture to serve as storage for bathroom products, clothing and office supplies.

My client now has a sanctuary in which she can sink into at the end of a busy day. She has a "home" for everything and can find what she needs at a moment's notice.

If you've moved and you're feeling stressed out about the state of your house, please contact me. I'll help relieve the stress and paralysis.

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