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Live With Less get started to get organized

When a client contacts me for help with an organizing project, they’ve often tried many times to get organized and haven’t been successful. By the time I speak with them, they’re frustrated, overwhelmed and feel hopeless that they’ll ever get organized.

Recently, I worked with a client who had moved several months ago, but felt unsettled because of the number of boxes that were still stacked up in the guest bedroom. The storage in her space was limited, so she felt frozen as to how to proceed. She was unsure how to utilize the limited storage space.

After brainstorming options, we came up with a plan of attack, and we worked to get her current space organized before tackling the boxes in her guest room. By the time we got to those boxes, we knew exactly where the items would “live” because we had created space in her condo. She was also willing and able to purge those items she hadn't used in several years because she understood the value of letting go of stuff that wasn't serving her.

If you’ve moved in the past few months, but are paralyzed by the remaining boxes, please contact me. I’ll be your coach, project manager, and cheerleader, all in one - and together, we’ll create your sanctuary.

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