Small Space Stories: My bag of tricks

Live With Less - my work bag

For those of you who have worked with me, you know I show up for our sessions with a rather large work bag. This work bag serves as back-up if we run out of trash bags or need a ziploc baggie or a paper clip or pair of scissors and the like. Again, it’s a way for us to work quickly and efficiently without having to run into the kitchen for supplies every time the need arises.

I’ve gone through two other iterations of my work bag. My first was a craft bag on wheels, which I used until one of the wheels fell off. The second was a craft bag with a shoulder strap instead of wheels, which I used until the outside became permanently stained and dingy.

Behold, my third work bag, which isn’t a craft bag at all, but rather it’s marketed as a “weekend” bag for those weekend jaunts. The inside of my bag is where the magic happens.

Within the bag is a 13-pocket expandable file folder. Each tab is labeled with the appropriate contents: snack, sandwich, quart and gallon ziploc baggies; donation receipts; label maker tape, and so forth.

Also inside of the bag is a container with three divided sections for holding my label maker, my tape measure, a zipped bag containing sticky notes, a zipped bag containing sharpie markers and pens, and a zipped bag containing cords and payment devices. It’s also where I keep my refillable bottle of water and, sometimes, a snack.

How’s that for organized?

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