My year of balance

Live With Less - my year of balance

We're two months into 2017. How are your goals (or resolutions) holding up? Are you still on track?

Last year, my life began to feel more and more unbalanced, so I decided to make this year my year of balance. Each day, I make a conscious effort to ensure I'm filling up my tank with equal parts of physical activity or movement, spiritual wellness or meditation, healthy foods, gratitude, relationship-strengthening and business-building. By doing this, I'm showing up as a stronger, better, more present organizer for my clients as well as a stronger, better, more present partner for my spouse. (Not to mention a kinder, gentler person to myself and everyone I encounter.)

So far, I'm feeling really good about where I am and how my year of balance is shaking out.

I'm not gonna lie and tell you it's been easy - because it hasn't been. Each day is a concerted effort to stay aligned. Each day I have to remind myself to keep on track by drinking water and breathing deeply and staying patient and trusting where I'm at and being grateful and smiling that inner smile (which has helped me WAY more than I ever expected).

But I'm keeping on keeping on, and I'm smiling through it all. I hope the same holds true for your goals (or resolutions). Namaste, my friends.

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