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Live With Less clear clutter that drains you

I’ve been taking an online class from Janet Luhrs, a simple living advocate who I’ve followed for the past 20+ years and the author of The Simple Living Guide. The class is full of great information about leading a more simple and fulfilling life.

When addressing clutter, whether it’s paper clutter or stuff clutter, Luhrs uses the following terminology to help one determine whether or not to keep an item:
Does the item energize you, are you neutral with regard to it, or does it make you feel drained?

Luhrs believes one should keep only the items that are energizing. What a fantastic way to describe how to determine what stays in your home versus what can go away.

If an item energizes you, it gives you vitality and enthusiasm. We all could certainly use more enthusiasm and excitement in our lives. On the other hand, if the item drains you, it depletes and exhausts you. None of us want that! Finally, if you feel neutral about the item, you’re indifferent, detached or disinterested. Meh.

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather surround myself with items that energize me than those that drain me or that I feel indifferent about. The next time you’re contemplating whether or not to get rid of something, try this terminology and let me know if it was helpful for your process.

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