Snack attack

Live With Less organized pantry

My clients, who are big snackers, had a pantry full of canned goods, boxed pasta, dry baking goods, and so forth, but the pantry was bursting at the seams from a plethora of full, half-full and nearly-empty (and even a couple of completely empty) boxes of individually-wrapped snack items.

To combat the volume of boxes taking up valuable pantry space, we emptied the boxes of snacks into separate his and hers clear plastic containers (he's a fan of salty snacks, she loves sweet treats). This allows them to see how many packages of snacks they have, so when the quantity dips, they can replenish their supply.

Now when a snack attack arises, they head for their snack canister in their organized pantry. No more empty boxes taking up valuable space in the pantry!

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