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As your cell phone rings and the television is blaring in the background, you receive a text from your friend who wants to meet you for drinks tomorrow night, but before you can check your calendar and respond, you receive a message via messenger from your sibling asking if you picked up your mom's birthday gift. Meanwhile, an ad for prescription medication drones on and on with an extensive list of potential side effects, and your seven-year-old asks when dinner will be ready, and you realize you haven't given dinner any thought.

So many things demand our attention, and distraction reigns supreme. So how can we eliminate distractions? From the September 2016 issue of Success, Emma Johnson shares suggestions:

Take these steps to slash cognitive and emotional distractions, increase focus and thrive:

  • Stop Digital Pressures. Carve out blocks of time and turn off phones and computer.
  • Give Yourself Frequent Breaks.
  • Mind Your Physical Health.
  • Turn Off Smartphone Notifications. Limit the number of times per day you check and respond to email, texts and social media.
  • Knock Out the Most Dreaded Duties first thing in the morning. Get them off your to-do list and out of your mind, freeing you to be productive.
  • Eliminate or Minimize Negative People in Your Life. Surround yourself with those who are positive, focused, productive, and ambitious.

The more we are able to be present and focused on the task at hand, the better we show up for life, ourselves, family and friends.

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