Full steam ahead

Live With Less give yourself rewards

Have you ever embarked on an organizing project, but midway through the project you lost steam, your momentum vanished and your excitement disappeared, so the project was never completed?

Let’s say you decided to declutter your garage. You jumped into the project head-first, but four hours later the garage looked worse than when you started. Frustrated and exhausted, you gave up altogether, and now, two years later, the garage is still in a state of chaos.

One way to keep you moving forward on your project is to create intermediate rewards on your way to the big goal. Having a plan in place to keep you on track before you get started can be incredibly helpful. Part of your plan might include breaking down the project into more manageable, smaller increments, and rewarding yourself once you’ve accomplished each step.

Maybe you and your partner decide you’ll work on the garage every Saturday for two hours. Your reward after each two hour work session is a nice dinner out together. Or maybe it’s a movie. Or maybe your reward is a massage. Whatever the reward, the point is to keep you moving forward on the project on a consistent basis so you don’t lose steam.

Keep in mind I’m here to help if you need a trusted guide to be your project manager, cheerleader and coach. Together, we’ll tackle that project head-on.

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