Live With Less focus on today

I began subscribing to Success magazine after I picked it up on a whim in an airport a few months ago. Filled with great articles on personal and professional development, it has been exactly what I've needed to read during my "year of balance."

These paragraphs really resonated with me, so I had to share. From John Addison's "The Pursuit of Happiness" article in the February 2017 issue:

Focusing on the present is critical to finding joy in your life. When you are always waiting for tomorrow to deliver your dreams, you'll miss all that today has to offer. When you continuously relive the past, you miss the opportunity to plan for the future. Many people dwell on the past or live in a pipe-dream future. You have one today in your life, and when it's over, it's over. It's up to you to cherish today, to smile, to make the most of this moment, this day, this opportunity to embrace your life.

To sustain a joyful life sometimes requires you to filter your surroundings. After all, you choose what to allow into your head. Ask yourself what you are reading, what you are watching on TV, what impulses are bombarding you, day in and day out. You have to cultivate a life-affirming environment: Read things that uplift you, avoid the news now and then, and list the things that bring you joy.

Here's to embracing all that today has to offer, my friends!

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