Small Space Stories: No regrets...except one

Live With Less what to keep

One question I get asked most frequently by my clients is: "So Shannon, have you ever donated or thrown out something you wish you had kept?" And I always answer this question the same way:

When I was growing up, my grandmother and aunt would take me, my siblings and cousins on a two-week camping trip to a different part of the country every summer. My aunt's one request for each of us was to keep a journal of our travels every year. And we did.

A number of years ago, I went through all of my childhood keepsakes and purged most everything, including my travel journals from summer travels with my grandma and my aunt. I wish I still had them, so I could reread my 10-year-old self's musings.

That being said, I'm not devastated or sad that I don't have these journals any longer. The lesson I learned from tossing my childhood journals is that I love reading about my previous travels and adventures, so now I write in a travel journal and use my text and photos to create a photo book of my trips.

Have you ever regretted donating or throwing something out?

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