Small Space Stories: The sound of silence

Live With Less expansive space

Gibbs Gardens near Ball Ground, Georgia (about an hour north of Atlanta) is an incredible place to visit in order to get away from the constant barrage of noise we city-dwellers endure every day. Being surrounded by beautiful, lush greenery and gorgeous blooms in every color of the rainbow has the ability to melt layers of stress from one's body in a matter of moments.

The area within the Gardens that I love to go is called the wildflower meadow. It's one of the quietest places in the entire Garden because it hasn't yet been developed, so visitors to this section of the Gardens are few and far between (i.e. no Chatty Cathys).

To sit in quiet contemplation while listening to the breeze gently blow through the trees and the cheerful chirps of happy birds is just magical. My intentions become more clear, my mind becomes clearer

By the time I leave, I'm filled with an even stronger sense of purpose to help people to declutter their homes so they, too, can silence the noise of too much stuff.

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