I miss you, Dad

I don't usually write too much about my personal life other than my Small Space Stories posts, but today is the fifth anniversary of my dad's passing and I couldn't let the day pass without "publicly" acknowledging him. You see, my dad was a pretty incredible person. Humble as can be, he touched so many people's lives with a smile and a genuine interest in learning about others.

My dad never met a stranger. He was one of those people who could start a conversation with anyone. He listened intently and asked pointed follow-up questions.

My dad loved being a dad and a grandpa. He showed me and my siblings every day that we were important by never being too tired to attend our sporting events or help with homework or play hide-and-go-seek or push us on the swing. He played more games of horse (the basketball game) than anyone, and after he became a grandpa to my niece, he played more games of "Pretty Pretty Princess" than any man should be subjected to.

My dad loved my mom deeply. He never left the house in the morning without giving my mom a goodbye hug and kiss and telling her he loved her. They were married for 49 years when he died.

My dad was patient, kind, considerate, smart, strong, goofy, loving, funny, silly and just an all-around great guy. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him.

I'm so grateful to have had such an amazing role model! I love you, Daddy-o.

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