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Live With Less purge and organize closet

Sometimes procrastination plays a role in a client’s disorganization. For example, they’ve got a pile of clothing lying on the floor of their closet that they need to take to their tailor for alterations. And that pile has been lying there for weeks or months, and now it’s grown to include other items of clothing that need to be washed, folded and/or hung up.

As the pile grows, the client becomes more and more frustrated about their closet - they can’t find what they need, their closet is disorderly and chaotic, what they want to wear is in a wrinkled, crumpled heap on the floor, and they get to the point that they cannot take it any longer and don’t know where to start.

As we work together, we’ll discover the items that need to be taken to their tailor, so we’ll gather them into a bag, put the bag in their car and schedule a date on their calendar in which they’ll drop off said items. Then I’ll make a note to contact them on the day after to make sure they had a chance to go to the tailor.

Oftentimes, knowing that someone else will check on their progress is all a client needs to ensure that a task gets completed.

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