How do I feel when I walk into this room?

Live With Less feel organized and calm

The question, "How do I feel when I walk into this room?" and your response to the question offer tremendous insight into how your home is affecting you, whether its a negative reaction or a positive one. "How do I feel..." is an open-ended, gentle question intended to delve into areas that lift your spirit versus areas that suffocate and/or frustrate you.

Positive responses might include: calm, relaxed, happy, excited, grateful, cozy, free, joyful, creative, light, carefree

Negative reactions might include: scared, overwhelmed, anxious, suffocated, choked, frustrated, exasperated, depressed

What a huge discrepancy between the two reactions! And these are all words my clients have used to describe spaces in their homes, pre- and post-organizing sessions. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather live in a home that feels relaxing, calm, carefree and joyful versus one in which I feel anxious, exasperated and depressed. 

So how does one shift their space from a negative to a positive response? 

Baby steps, my friend. Baby steps. Start by working in one small area to clear out the clutter. Tackle one drawer a day. Doing so will build confidence. Know it'll get easier if you just keep chipping away. 

Or you can hire me to help you get through the overwhelm. It's what I love to do, and I'd be honored to help. 

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