I used to be...

Live with less clear clutter and declutter

When we keep bringing items into our home without releasing anything, our homes become bloated and stagnated. Let's consider previous hobbies or previous roles we used to play.

When working with clients to declutter and organize their homes, inevitably we'll come across uncompleted projects and materials. They'll say, "I used to be a scrapbooker," or "I used to be a home school mom," or "I used to sew/knit/crochet/cross stitch/quilt." All of those materials are taking up valuable space in their home, and yet they are no longer serving the client. Rather, the items are constant (and nagging) reminders of what used to be. In some cases, those reminders cause guilt and shame because they might represent failure.

If scrapbooking no longer fits into your life, please consider releasing those supplies. If you no longer home school your children, please consider releasing those materials. If sewing no longer brings you joy, please consider releasing those items.

When we release the past and what "used to be," we're not erasing our identities. Instead, we're creating space for new experiences and new things to come into our lives. 

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