Small Space Stories: My approach to paper memorabilia

Live With Less paper memorabilia

Nearly everyone has a box (or more!) of memorabilia - special items they want to keep in order to remember an event or a person or a trip. Greeting cards and letters fall squarely into this category.

When it comes to my own paper memorabilia, over the years I’ve revisited and tweaked what I chosen to keep. My approach has been to separate my special cards and letters into who sent them to me. Then I go through each pile and choose my favorite 3-5 items from each loved one, and that’s it. I just don’t have the space to hold onto more. If I receive another card or letter I deem as special, I’ll review what I’ve kept and ditch my least favorite.

That being said, this is what works best for me. I don’t force my approach on any of my clients - they get to choose how much or how many of each they’d like to keep, not me.

What’s your approach? Are you a card and letter saver? What's your limit?

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