Small Space Stories: Scheduling a declutter date

Live With Less declutter and plan

If you’re in a relationship, you know how important it is to schedule regular date nights and/or time to focus on your significant other in order to keep your relationship strong and healthy. Well, the same could be said for your house. It’s important to schedule declutter dates on a regular basis in order to maintain order in your space. 

I schedule a declutter date with my condo about once every couple of months. I choose one room to focus on for two or three hours, roll up my sleeves and get to business. 

During my declutter date, I assess the contents of every drawer, cabinet, shelf and box in my declutter date room and ruthlessly eliminate any items that aren’t needed and/or used. I also wipe out the insides of the drawers, cabinets or shelves (including the refrigerator, when I’m on a kitchen date). Additionally, I might shake up the energy in the space by moving artwork or photographs or furniture pieces.

When the date is over, I find that I feel so much lighter and energetic in the space I worked on. That’s the magic of decluttering and organizing!

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