The hidden cost to buying in bulk

Live With Less don't buy in bulk

Nearly every budget-conscious, coupon-clipping website suggests that one of the best ways to save money is by buying in bulk. In many cases, this is true. To a point.

For every dollar saved by picking up a 12-pack of bug spray at your favorite warehouse superstore, there is also the potential for a detrimental side effect in the form of stress, frustration and headaches. Why? 

Well…where will you store this army of bug spray canisters? And, as a follow up, will you use these 12 cans before the shelf expiration date? 

On the flip side - what, if any, is the cost to you to only keep one can of bug spray until it’s gone before you purchase another can? Do you feel nervous when you realize you don’t have a back-up?

As with most things, I encourage you to consider everything in moderation, including purchasing items in bulk. The monetary savings might not counteract the stress you feel when trying to find a place for your giant collection of mosquito repellant.

There really is freedom and joy in having less.

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