Don't worry, be happy

Live With Less put it down

Remember that Bobby McFerrin song, “Don’t Worry Be Happy,” from the 80s? As the lyrics go, “In every life we have some trouble; But when you worry you make it double…” 

Well, true confession: I’m a worrier. I worry, I fret, I ruminate, and I worry some more. I don’t WANT to be a worrier. I just am.

When I read this advice from Hal Runnel in the October 2017 issue of Live Happy magazine, it seemed to be written just for me:

"Don’t worry about the future - Just put it on the calendar. At 5:00 p.m. today, I will set aside 15 minutes to fret, fear, worry and project the worst fate possible. I will write it all down and try my best to wallow in it. At 5:15, however, I’ll put the list away and go kiss my wife for a full eight seconds, then play with my dog. At some point, I’ll ask them both if they’d like to go for a walk.”

What a lovely reminder to put down whatever might be causing concern instead of carrying it around like a heavy weight. Ahhhh, there's freedom in letting go.

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