Fighting against instinct

Live With Less clutter

Recently, I listened to a fascinating TED Talk by Scott Galloway on how Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google manipulate our emotions. What struck me most was when he spoke about humans being programmed to resist less. We hoard food so we won’t starve. We hoard products because advertisers make us believe we cannot live without.

Galloway says, “The instinct of more is hardwired into us. The penalty for too little is starvation and malnutrition. Open your cupboards, open your closets - you have 10 to 100 times what you need. Why? Because the penalty for too little is much greater than the penalty for too much. So ‘more for less’ is a business strategy that never goes out of style.”

What an incredibly powerful notion. We are fighting against our instincts when we choose to LIVE WITH LESS. Even though living with less means less stuff (food in the pantry, clothing in the closet) and less stress since there’s less to maintain, our natural inclination is to want more.

Awareness is the first step. Let’s fight the good fight, my friends, and choose less.

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