Ask an organizer: Is this the worst you've ever seen?

LIVE WITH LESS declutter

In addition to "Small space stories," my blog series about my personal experiences of living in a smaller space, I'm adding a new series to my blog roll. Oftentimes my clients have similar questions, so I thought an "Ask an organizer" series might be helpful and interesting.

"Is this the worst you've ever seen?" might be the most common question I'm asked, especially during my first meeting (consultation) with a new client. Many clients feel embarrassed at the state of their home, and underneath that question lies shame, judgment and humiliation. Honestly, my heart breaks every time I hear it.

Here's the thing, my sweet friends: In order to help my clients create an edited, organized space, they need to have a disorganized space for us to work on. I don't rank my clients based on their level of disorganization. In fact, when I'm in a client's space, my brain immediately jumps to the "how," "what" and "where" of the project - how will I approach the project, what is the goal and where will things go.

Essentially, I see the possibilities in each space, an opportunity for change and the courage in my clients who ask for help. And what I never see? "The worst I've ever seen."

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