Discovering joy

LIVE WITH LESS joyful biker

This morning I took my usual running route through Piedmont Park. My mind was deep in thought as I stared blankly at the asphalt in front of me, when a sing-song-y, “Good morning!” jolted me out of my running trance.

Immediately, I averted my eyes 1) to see who sounded so happy, 2) to find out if this cheerful voice was directed at me, and 3) to respond in kind, and realized the cheerful voice was that of a middle-aged man merrily riding his bike. He had such a huge smile on his face it made me smile in return.

The image of his joyful face has stuck with me all day and kept me grinning in return. May we all be as joyful! Thank you, anonymous joyful biker!

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