Tearing it up

Photo by  micah boswell  on  Unsplash

As a happy minimalist, I don't keep much memorabilia by choice. I'm not a heartless robot - I just appreciate things/objects as they happen in the present moment and don't tend to hold onto many things.

That being said, I used to keep a journal from the early to mid 2000s. I was going through a lot emotionally at the time, so journaling was a platform for me to work stuff out. Incredibly, I've been schlepping around those journals for nearly 20 years and hadn't wanted to face those demons...until recently.

The other day I unearthed those journals from the depths of my closet, took a deep breath, and opened the first page. Mostly I just tore out the pages without rereading my words, but occasionally a word or phrase would jump out at me and I'd get pulled into past drama.

Wow, what a cathartic experience to tear each and every page, all the while giving thanks for who and where I am now! To let go of it all was a weight lifted.

It can be difficult to take on a daunting task, but this was a beautiful reminder of what can happen when facing a challenge head-on.

Here's to lightening up, friends!

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