It's A-okay to throw away

Photo by  Kaboompics .com  from  Pexels

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Remember the days of 35mm film and cameras that were only a camera, not a phone, computer, and camera all rolled into one? Back then, when you took a picture, you hoped it was in focus, everyone in the shot was looking at the camera, and nobody's eyes were closed, but had to wait until the roll of film was processed to find out. And once the film was developed, instead of immediately tossing the blurry pictures or the shots you didn't like, you stuck the whole stack back into the paper envelope and threw them in a box, container or drawer, to be discovered years later. Such is the case for many of us, including some of my clients.

The other day, one of my clients asked for guidance on tackling her boxes and containers full of printed photographs on her own. I shared some tips for success and I'm incredibly proud to say that she not only faced those boxes and containers, she is on her way to conquering them!

When I asked her how she found the confidence to take on the task, she told me two suggestions I shared really helped her:

1) She loved my tip of setting the timer on her phone for 10 minutes. She said, "I told myself 'I can do anything for 10 minutes,' and then I ended up turning off the timer and continuing to work for a couple of hours!" Just the act of starting and knowing she could quit after a few minutes was an incentive.

2) She needed to know it was okay to throw out the bad pictures. "You gave me permission to toss them, and it was so freeing!"

What an inspiration!

So, my friends, if you've been considering taking on a photo organizing project, remember just getting started is a huge step, AND it's A-okay to throw away.

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