Shake It Up Baby, Now

Photo by  Nathan Fertig  on  Unsplash

The temperatures are rising, flowers are in bloom, and the desire to emerge from our cocoons means springtime is here! And you know what else this means for me? Time for an energetic shakeup in my home! 

I love the possibilities that emerge from analyzing my wardrobe as I swap sweaters for t-shirts. I revel in the opportunity to dive into areas of my home or life that feel stagnant. Performing an energetic shakeup in my home is a way to let go of anything from the past that isn't contributing to my present or future self and anything that isn't serving me. Releasing from the past makes space for the present AND the future.

As my Year of Clarity (my theme for 2019) enters the fourth month, I'm getting clear around many different aspects of my life - from money management to paper management to digital pictures to relationships to social media to my time. As a result, I'm discovering more about myself.

I share this to let you know that learning about yields on retirement accounts, scanning previous years' taxes, and reviewing years of digital photos aren't necessarily my idea of a good time, BUT I am aware that taking control of my finances means freedom from anxiety over bill-paying, digitizing my taxes clears space in my file box, and deleting photos means I'm freeing up space on my phone and in the cloud.

I invite and encourage you to think about a springtime energetic shakeup of your own. In addition to creating space, you never know what else might happen when you do.

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