Pushing through the resistance

Photo by  Sammie Vasquez  on  Unsplash

As my Year of Clarity has progressed, I've been presented with some interesting personal and professional projects that are forcing me to stretch in new ways. Clarity has brought them to light and bravery is needed in order to move forward.

This new awareness has caused some upheaval and anxiety, and made me feel a little nutso, quite honestly. I'd resisted changing the name of my year because this whole year-naming process is a big deal to me and I take it very seriously. I had convinced myself that renaming my year meant I'd be messing up the process and losing clarity. In my heart, I knew this wasn't true - every named year builds on the last - but I'm pretty stubborn, so it took some convincing from my wife (thank you, R!) for me to recognize and honor this midyear transition.

Once I came to a place of stillness and acceptance, the name change was so clear to me (thank you, Year of Clarity!)

2019 is now my Year of Courage, and I'm excited to see what's next!

Okay, enough about me! How is your "Year of _____" coming along? What insights have you discovered? I'd love to know!

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