Recipe for success

Photo by  Kara Eads  on  Unsplash

Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash

The process to purge, declutter and organize a space involves motivation, time, commitment, energy and decisiveness. When these five components work in conjunction, this creates a recipe for success. If one of these aspects wanes, the system begins to break down.

- No amount of time and energy can overcome a lack of motivation.
- Indecisiveness can shut down motivation like nobody's business.
- You must make time in your schedule or risk losing motivation.
- You might have all the time in the world, but if you're not committed to the process, well...
- When you lack energy and are exhausted, none of these other components stand a chance.

As someone who talks the talk and walks the walk when it comes to organizing/decluttering/living simply, I recognize and appreciate the value each of these aspects brings to the table in my own life.

So, you may be wondering, how do you acquire and/or strengthen these skills? Well, it's important to get clear on each.

Motivation is your "why" - Why do you want to do what you want to do? (Why do you want to declutter your kitchen? To cook healthier meals for your family? To clear the countertops and create space?) What's the goal?

How can you make time in your schedule? Consider performing a time audit to find out how you're spending your time and attention. Stay Focused is a free app that tracks your smartphone use throughout the day. You might be surprised by the amount of time you're spending on Instagram - just sayin'.

Are you committed to seeing the project through? Are you willing to sacrifice time by the pool to purge and declutter?

Showing up for yourself takes energy. Do you get enough sleep every night to feel rested in the morning? Have you established self-care practices and routines to ensure you're able to power through your day?

"Indecision clouds my vision" aren't just lyrics to the song "Falling to Pieces" by Faith No More. There's some real truth to that statement. When we are indecisive, clutter is more likely to be lurking nearby. Decision-making is a muscle that can be strengthened the more we do it.

I want you to be successful. I want you to love living in your home. If you need assistance getting clear on any of these aspects, please contact me, even if you live across the country or on the other side of the world. We can do this together virtually!

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