Small Space Stories: Diving deeper into memorabilia

Photo by  mauro paillex  on  Unsplash

Funny story…. After my sister read my most recent blog post about my getting rid of memorabilia, she sent a text expressing her surprise that I had kept my creepy looking babydoll all these years (25+). As you can probably guess, I have a reputation within my family for not keeping much of anything! Her text got me thinking about why I had held onto these, and other, childhood relics for so many years and why it was so easy for me to part with them now.

Like most people I know, I held onto physical items as reminders of my childhood. I kept them in a box and carried them from home to home, rarely looking at any of the items inside. My Year of Courage has provided me with the bravery to dig deeper into areas of my life (both personal and professional) and recognize my incredibly strong desire to live a simpler, more minimalistic life, which means being honest with myself about what I really need in my life.

I share this story as a reminder to all of you who are struggling with the weight (literal and figurative) of keepsakes and memorabilia - the process of letting go isn’t easy, even for a professional organizer. Look how long I lugged around those boxes! But once I decided to really take a look at these things with an honest heart, the process became easier and less scary.

And let’s face it, we all have those scary places where the memorabilia gets hidden away like a time capsule to our past that only gets unearthed right before we move to another home.

It’s such an emotional release when one can get to the point of “enough” with their memorabilia and keepsakes. And for everybody, that looks different. I’m not advocating that everyone trash all of their keepsakes, I’m just encouraging y’all to think about your own experience with items from the past.

And if you needed a trusted guide to help you through the process, I would be honored to assist.

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