Small Space Stories: Why I choose to Live With Less

Photo by  Masaaki Komori  on  Unsplash

There are a multitude of reasons I choose to live with less and embrace living more simply - here are my top three:

1) More time to do the things I want to do.

The more stuff one has, the more time one spends maintaining, cleaning, organizing, laundering, storing, keeping track of, repairing, containing, hanging, displaying, and so forth. What would you rather be doing?

2) More peace and calm.

Having less stuff means less overwhelm and stress. I love coming home to lots of space and not a lot of stuff! 

3) More money.

Having developed and strengthened my mindful purchasing skills, I’m much more aware of my needs versus my wants, and therefore spend less money than if I were living on auto-pilot and unaware of potential spending pitfalls. 

Do you choose to live with less? If so, what are your reasons for doing so?

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