"Hi Shannon, I just want to share that my experience with you has changed my life. As I'm sure you remember, I had become overwhelmed by all of the stuff in my house. My previous attempts at organizing were unsuccessful so I accepted the fact that I really needed professional help. During my search for an organizer I landed on your website. It really spoke to me because it made me feel peaceful just by looking at it. I knew you were the organizer for me!
After meeting you in person I could see that you had a passion for helping people just like me. You had a vision of how wonderful I could feel about my home. As we worked together decluttering my master suite, your vision became visible to me as well. I have heard it said that decluttering is modern-day alchemy. I'm a believer! Even after our first four-hour session I felt a surge in my energy level. As a result, I had stayed up all night and purged tons more stuff before our next session. The house felt lighter and lighter. I noticed that my thoughts became clearer, too (really!).
While you helped me tremendously on a physical level, you also helped me on a spiritual level. I realized during our work together that you had higher standards for me than I did for myself. I held on to many items just because they "will do." You showed me that I deserve to be surrounded by things that I love. What a concept! Now that you have reminded me of how worthy I am, I apply that principle to all aspects of my life. So, my experience was life changing.

I was embarrassed at the disorganized state of my house when you first arrived. You were nonjudgmental and responded with empathy and love. I know that you are the only person who could have led me to such tremendous success in organizing my home. My soul thanks you."  - G.W.

"I just love what we are accomplishing. After each session I realize why it took me so long to get started. It's complicated!! Your skills and encouragement have meant so much. I'm now living with the conviction that we will finish this job and life will be greatly enhanced because of it. In addition to enjoying a well organized and attractive space, our work is going to make it possible for me and my husband to be more flexible and spontaneous...even if that involves a move. Thank you!"  - K.T.

“I did four sessions with Shannon and it was literally life changing! I have found myself wanting to live a more minimalist lifestyle and downsize. I had been taking baby steps on my own, but knew that I needed to get some help if I wanted to take a big leap forward. I am a very private person when it comes to my space and I was a little nervous about finding the right person. I knew Shannon was "the one" the moment she walked into my house for the consultation. She is kind, patient and compassionate. She is a coach, guide and cheerleader. You can tell that she is really passionate about what she does and committed to her clients' success. I highly recommend her and her services!“ - C.W.

"Wow wow wow!!!!! Amazing! I'm so very excited. Thank you for everything. Your willingness to love so powerfully, your great attention to detail and your contagious energetic enthusiasm made that whole process so very rewarding! I am truly grateful and so very blessed. This. Is. Huge."  - T.O.

“Sometime this weekend my older son came in my room and said, “Momma, I love my house now.” He had told me in the past he didn’t like our house, but I assumed it was because we didn’t have as much of a yard…so I said to him, “Aww, I’m glad you like our house. That makes me so happy,” but his next words blew me away….he said “I just wanted it to be clean.” I can’t thank you enough, Shannon, for bringing order back into our home and helping us fall in love with living here!”  - Mrs. M

"I love that everything in my apartment has a place and I know where everything is! It's really helped with my anxiety levels too. You have a gift, and I'm so glad I found you!"  - V.H.

"The time and money I've invested by working with you are completely worth it because the joy I feel in our home now is priceless beyond measure. In addition, your inspiration has helped create an "I've got this!" attitude that I now carry into other aspects of my life. Thank you, more than I can say, for the love, peace, and beauty you've helped me bring back to my home."  - L.C.

"From the first phone call, Shannon was professional and warm spirited. I presented my issues on the phone and we scheduled a face-to-face consultation. Shannon’s style caters to the individual’s specific needs. AND I needed so much, but she was able to narrow my focus and help me get started in manageable chunks. We scheduled our work subsequent sessions and the hard work began. Not only was she punctual, very organized, encouraging, and had the ability to keep me on task, she also has a tremendously thorough and diligent work style. My stress diminished with each session. I truly went from overwhelmed to overjoyed as I made the decision to declutter my life both materially and emotionally. I would highly recommend LIVE WITH LESS and Shannon Loe to anyone seeking to gain control of your space. Best decision ever!"  - L.J.

"You helped me realize how burdened I'd been by my stuff, and the importance of keeping the items I love and letting go of the rest. I'd been schlepping some of this stuff around for years and most of it made me feel guilty. Now that I've let it go, I don't miss one thing! And I got rid of a lot! It's a miracle!" - T.M.

"Shannon Loe has worked wonders in my home! I feel lighter, freer and happier, now that I no longer am searching through clutter. I live in an efficiency apartment and, every time I wanted to paint or draw, I felt unable to concentrate because of all the clutter that was distracting me. Shannon worked with me, and I had a wonderful time putting things I don't use in trash bags. She organized and labeled my art supplies with great skill -  they are all in one closet now, so I don't waste time sifting through piles to find things. Her kindness, humor and conscientiousness were exceptional. I never dreamed organizing could be so much fun!! I am greatly pleased with my results and excited about my new beginning. I highly recommend Shannon to anyone who is wanting to live with less clutter and organize their home or office." - K.D.

"I should have hired you five years ago! My friend encouraged me to contact you, and I'm so glad I finally did. You have made this process so much easier than I ever imagined. I have been ready for this for such a long time, but just needed someone to go through it with me, so I'm grateful for your help. I feel amazingly better and lighter!"  - D.N.