"Hi Shannon, I just want to share that my experience with you has changed my life. As I'm sure you remember, I had become overwhelmed by all of the stuff in my house. My previous attempts at organizing were unsuccessful so I accepted the fact that I really needed professional help. During my search for an organizer I landed on your website. It really spoke to me because it made me feel peaceful just by looking at it. I knew you were the organizer for me!
After meeting you in person I could see that you had a passion for helping people just like me. You had a vision of how wonderful I could feel about my home. As we worked together decluttering my master suite, your vision became visible to me as well. I have heard it said that decluttering is modern-day alchemy. I'm a believer! Even after our first four-hour session I felt a surge in my energy level. As a result, I had stayed up all night and purged tons more stuff before our next session. The house felt lighter and lighter. I noticed that my thoughts became clearer, too (really!).
While you helped me tremendously on a physical level, you also helped me on a spiritual level. I realized during our work together that you had higher standards for me than I did for myself. I held on to many items just because they "will do." You showed me that I deserve to be surrounded by things that I love. What a concept! Now that you have reminded me of how worthy I am, I apply that principle to all aspects of my life. So, my experience was life changing.

I was embarrassed at the disorganized state of my house when you first arrived. You were nonjudgmental and responded with empathy and love. I know that you are the only person who could have led me to such tremendous success in organizing my home. My soul thanks you."  - G.W.

"I just love what we are accomplishing. After each session I realize why it took me so long to get started. It's complicated!! Your skills and encouragement have meant so much. I'm now living with the conviction that we will finish this job and life will be greatly enhanced because of it. In addition to enjoying a well organized and attractive space, our work is going to make it possible for me and my husband to be more flexible and spontaneous...even if that involves a move. Thank you!"  - K.T.

"Thank you SO MUCH, Shannon! Who knew it could be that fun to organize?! I’m so enjoying working with you, and the progress is AWESOME! My husband and I are both thrilled. And, we love the pics!"  - T.A.

"Wow wow wow!!!!! Amazing! I'm so very excited. Thank you for everything. Your willingness to love so powerfully, your great attention to detail and your contagious energetic enthusiasm made that whole process so very rewarding! I am truly grateful and so very blessed. This. Is. Huge."  - T.O.

“Sometime this weekend my older son came in my room and said, “Momma, I love my house now.” He had told me in the past he didn’t like our house, but I assumed it was because we didn’t have as much of a yard…so I said to him, “Aww, I’m glad you like our house. That makes me so happy,” but his next words blew me away….he said “I just wanted it to be clean.” I can’t thank you enough, Shannon, for bringing order back into our home and helping us fall in love with living here!”  - Mrs. M

"For anyone who has a de-cluttering project that they are putting off because it seems so overwhelming, please call Shannon. She is absolutely amazing. Within 4 hours we cleaned out and organized 2.75 rooms. She is a wonderful person and a joy to work with. She is right there with you cleaning, sorting, carrying, hauling...whatever is needed. She takes great pride in her work, in helping families feel good about their living spaces, and she is an extremely hard worker. She was recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad I called her. She even took my donations for me and mailed me the receipt. I finally have the sitting room I have been dreaming about and every time I walk in there I am filled with such positive energy. I can finally walk in my kids' rooms and see out the window and the floors. When my son saw his room, he said "Thank you" with a big smile on his face. I will definitely call on her again for my next project."  - K.C.

"Shannon skillfully helped me edit four storage units and a second bedroom full of the results of a dramatically down sized life that I was unable to face for over a year. Organized, punctual and hard working, she takes her job seriously and was able to help me sort through decades of items from various life stages, handling some emotionally delicate items with tenderness and care. I loved working with Shannon and recommend her highly to anyone who needs assistance with editing and organization. Shannon, thank you! You are a life saver!"  - K.D.

"It's so thrilling to start to see open spaces!"  - S.G.

"I love that everything in my apartment has a place and I know where everything is! It's really helped with my anxiety levels too. You have a gift, and I'm so glad I found you!"  - V.H.

“I live in a one-bedroom apartment and have struggled to keep my master closet manageable, as well as my bathroom counter and cabinets. I’d been thinking about contacting a professional organizer for more than a year, so when I landed on the Live With Less website, I felt calm and at ease. I scheduled a meeting with Shannon, and once I met her, I knew she was the organizer for me.

After working with Shannon to declutter and organize my master closet, I love my closet and can easily find what I’m looking for! She and I also decluttered my living room and rearranged the furniture. As a result, I now love spending time in my living room - it feels like a completely different space!”  - D.C.

"Thank you SO much Shannon. You are a rock star and you are changing lives. You definitely made an impact on mine. I can't wait till next Friday!!"  - R.M.

Atlanta Publishers Learn to Live With Less - publisher's article in June 2015 edition of Natural Awakenings

"My closet has never looked this good! I plan to keep it organized like this from now on because I love it so much."  - M.K.

"The time and money I've invested by working with you are completely worth it because the joy I feel in our home now is priceless beyond measure. In addition, your inspiration has helped create an "I've got this!" attitude that I now carry into other aspects of my life. Thank you, more than I can say, for the love, peace, and beauty you've helped me bring back to my home."  - L.C.

"From the first phone call, Shannon was professional and warm spirited. I presented my issues on the phone and we scheduled a face-to-face consultation. Shannon’s style caters to the individual’s specific needs. AND I needed so much, but she was able to narrow my focus and help me get started in manageable chunks. We scheduled our work subsequent sessions and the hard work began. Not only was she punctual, very organized, encouraging, and had the ability to keep me on task, she also has a tremendously thorough and diligent work style. My stress diminished with each session. I truly went from overwhelmed to overjoyed as I made the decision to declutter my life both materially and emotionally. I would highly recommend LIVE WITH LESS and Shannon Loe to anyone seeking to gain control of your space. Best decision ever!"  - L.J.

"Thank you, Shannon, for the awesome work that you did to help me feel at peace in my office and study. Your professionalism was very impressive, may God continue to multiply prosperity in your business. I will tell others and share the pictures."  - L.C.

"You helped me realize how burdened I'd been by my stuff, and the importance of keeping the items I love and letting go of the rest. I'd been schlepping some of this stuff around for years and most of it made me feel guilty. Now that I've let it go, I don't miss one thing! And I got rid of a lot! It's a miracle!" - T.M.

"Shannon Loe has worked wonders in my home! I feel lighter, freer and happier, now that I no longer am searching through clutter. I live in an efficiency apartment and, every time I wanted to paint or draw, I felt unable to concentrate because of all the clutter that was distracting me. Shannon worked with me, and I had a wonderful time putting things I don't use in trash bags. She organized and labeled my art supplies with great skill -  they are all in one closet now, so I don't waste time sifting through piles to find things. Her kindness, humor and conscientiousness were exceptional. I never dreamed organizing could be so much fun!! I am greatly pleased with my results and excited about my new beginning. I highly recommend Shannon to anyone who is wanting to live with less clutter and organize their home or office." - K.D.

"I should have hired you five years ago! My friend encouraged me to contact you, and I'm so glad I finally did. You have made this process so much easier than I ever imagined. I have been ready for this for such a long time, but just needed someone to go through it with me, so I'm grateful for your help. I feel amazingly better and lighter!"  - D.N.

"You make organizing look so easy, and you did so much in such a short amount of time. My room looks so beautiful, and it makes me so happy!"  - B.W.

"What we completed yesterday was so motivating for me! Thank you for being so enjoyable to work with. You are wonderful!"  - S.W.

"Live With Less made my life simple, easy and stress-free. From the initial consultation to the actual "D" day, Shannon was punctual, positive and prepared. Her professionalism, sense of humor, genuine personality and inspiring attitude made all the difference! My garage was no easy task but she miraculously worked her magic and gently coaxed me when I was reluctant to part with things. She was not judgmental and she came with a strategy plan of attack to knock it out! Coincidentally, I was no longer avoiding all the things that haunted me and I was finally able to pull into my garage with confidence. I would highly recommend Live With Less for all of your decluttering and organizing needs. At the end of our 8-hour session not only was I relieved but I felt hopeful and motivated to NEVER end up in this cluttered space again. In addition, Shannon provided great parting tips that should help me to avoid any setbacks in the future. THANK YOU Shannon, it was worth every penny spent to have peace of mind, quality of life and organized happiness in my home." - L.G.

"My closet is perfect - I love it! Thank you so much. I'm so glad I contacted you!" - K.A.

"Shannon, you're giving me my life back! For the past two years, I felt like I was frozen and didn't do anything because I didn't know where to start. I am tickled to pieces with the drawers you arranged. You are not only organized, but artistic, and you listen to the needs of your client. A perfect combination!" - R.H.

"This room looks so fabulous. It's not just a physical change, but a mental change for me as well. My office is like a breath of fresh air. It's almost like you held my hand through the mentally taxing of dealing with things. I enjoyed our time together. Thanks!"  - N.M.

"If you are on the fence about which professional organizer to choose, meet with Shannon for a consultation and see for yourself what magic she can help you discover beyond your clutter. "  - L.C.

"I'm so glad I made the phone call to you that day, and I couldn't have done this without you! It feels as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. When I first met with you, I didn't think I could continue living here because I felt so overwhelmed with the clutter, but now, thanks to you, this feels like my home. I absolutely love it!"  - J.N.

"You are amazing! You aren't my mom or my friend, but you were the perfect combination of both. As we worked through things, you asked the right questions and helped me to make decisions. This would have taken me months to do by myself!"  - R.G.

"I had recently moved to Midtown along with boxes of things I had not opened in years, a lot of boxes. I did an Internet search for professional organizers in the Midtown area and saw a site for Living With Less. I really liked idea of getting rid of things you don't need and organizing the rest. I found Shannon to be kind, caring and a great help dealing with the baggage I had been carrying around for years. Working with her was fun and the results are amazing. Contact her and you'll be as pleased as I am. I love my new organized home!"  - T.W.