I partnered with Mother Nature Network to host a video on organizing a junk drawer.

(Video transcript: Hi, I’m Shannon and I’m here to bring you some tips on how you can deal with your junk drawer. 
Junk Drawer Organization
Okay, so here’s the junk drawer. Step 1 is you’re going to sort everything by type. 
Tip: Use binder clips to corral cords.
Binder clips. Once you’ve gotten those cables sorted, binder clips are a really great way to keep them corralled in your junk drawer.
Step 2 is edit to eliminate the excess - whether it’s donating, recycling, or throwing things in the trash.
We’ve pulled everything out of the drawer and we sorted like items together. Now we have a sense of what was in that drawer.
Step 3 is to evaluate what remains: what’s going back in your junk drawer versus what needs to live somewhere else in your house.
Step 4 is to contain - use containers or dividers to separate your items.
Tip: Use old electronics boxes to contain and divide.
Step 5 is maintain. Once you’ve created order in the junk drawer, it’s really important to tidy up every so often to keep that junk drawer in check.
Okay, so that’s an organized junk drawer! Thank you so much for joining me. I hope to see y’all again soon!)

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