You may be here because you want a clutter-free home, however you’re frustrated and overwhelmed by the clutter. You’ve tried to get organized, and have failed time and time again.

Truthfully, it’s not really about getting organized. More than likely you have too much stuff - and all of that stuff is crowding your space, it’s clouding your vision for your space and it’s cluttering your mind.

You are not a failure; you just need help figuring out a new way to live. One approach is choosing to Live With Less. When you choose to Live With Less, you need to purge the stuff that’s getting in the way of the life you want for yourself and your family, and I can help - I’m a coach, cheerleader and project manager all rolled into one person.

- Solve your unique organizing challenges.
- Respect your stuff, your time and your money.
- Educate by providing expertise, tips and support.
- Organize WITH you, not for you.
- All matters are kept confidential.

- Support YOUR goals for YOUR space.
- Help you develop new systems and habits.
- Share tips for simplifying life.
- Make your space functional and beautiful.

- Clutter is stressful and overwhelming, so let’s PURGE what you don't use, need or love.
- Getting organized is NOT a "one and done" approach. It took time for your space to get cluttered and it will take time to purge and declutter. 
- Getting organized involves creating new habits to support organization and maintenance.
- I am not a magician; I cannot make your space larger. What I CAN do is help you determine what stuff is causing chaos and causing you stress and figure out what to do with it.
- Create permanent change through education and practice.
- By creating a sanctuary, you’ll love being at home.

Let's get started on the path to getting your space organized!