Shannon Loe, Owner and organizing mentor

Shannon Loe, Owner and organizing mentor

Hi, my name is Shannon Loe and I’m an Organizing Mentor. I teach people how to get and stay organized.

As a six year veteran in the Professional Organizing industry, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients on hundreds of organizing projects. Based on my experience and expertise, this is what I know:

1) Many people struggle to get and stay organized because they do not know how to apply organizing principles to their own lives.
2) There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to organizing. Learning “your” approach is empowering!
3) Having too much stuff feels overwhelming and chaotic. Knowing what you do and don’t need in your life is a skill you can learn and master.

One key to getting organized is creating new habits that are tailored to you and your needs. Another is finding awareness around what is “enough” for you. As your Organizing Mentor, I’ll teach you how to get and stay organized in ways that work best for you.

You’ll learn tips and tools you can incorporate into your daily routine, and discover strategies, methods and habits you can use to create and maintain organization in your home for the rest of your life!

Sound good? Contact me!